The Village Obstetrics team celebrates their 15th Anniversary in Manhattan, NYC
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Village Obstetrics

Celebrating 15 Years

A Journey with Dr. George Mussalli and Dr. Jaqueline Worth

In the bustling heart of New York City, where life moves at a relentless pace, Village Obstetrics stands as a beacon of compassionate and holistic healthcare. Founded in 2008 by the dynamic duo of Dr. George Mussalli and Dr. Jaqueline Worth, this practice has earned its reputation as a haven for expectant mothers seeking personalized, minimally invasive obstetrics care. As they celebrate 15 years in business and over 2,510 babies delivered, let’s dive into the remarkable journey of Village Obstetrics and its two dedicated doctors, often affectionately referred to as “The Dream Team.”

Drs. Worth and Mussalli in their First Year at Village Obstetrics
Drs. Worth & Mussalli in their first year at Village Obstetrics.

A Philosophy of Care: Minimally Invasive Obstetrics

From the very beginning, Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth set out to redefine the pregnancy care experience with a simple philosophy – “Minimally Invasive Obstetrics.” This philosophy is rooted in deep respect for the natural process of pregnancy and birth. The doctors strive to ensure that every intervention, every decision, is made with the utmost care, aiming for the least invasive approach whenever possible.

Patients at Village Obstetrics are more than just medical cases; they are individuals embarking on a transformative journey into parenthood. The practice takes pride in respecting the autonomy of each patient and their unique needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

Leanne & Lordes in their first year at Village Obstetrics.
Leanne & Lordes in their first year at Village Obstetrics.

Through it all, two remarkable women, Leanne and Lourdes, have been with Village Obstetrics since its inception, providing unwavering support and care. Their role in the practice has been instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming environment for patients.

Exceptional Results and Unwavering Dedication

Over the years, Village Obstetrics has garnered a reputation for its outstanding results. The practice boasts impressively low rates of cesarean sections (C-sections) and a commitment to avoiding unnecessary interventions. They offer VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) whenever it’s appropriate and have achieved remarkable success in turning breech babies.

As one patient exclaimed, “We feel lucky to have found a practice that performs ‘gentle c-sections‘ and skin-to-skin contact right after birth. Thank you for valuing that every birth experience can be as holistic as possible, even if it means holistic surgery!”

Drs. Worth & Mussalli riding a vespa from office to hospital.

One of the practice’s defining features is the doctors’ dedication to letting labor progress naturally, avoiding unnecessary inductions, and welcoming assistance from midwives and doulas. Their personalized approach ensures that the birth experience aligns with the preferences of each mother, empowering them to make decisions together with their healthcare providers.

A Journey Through Challenges

In 2010, Village Obstetrics faced a significant challenge when St. Vincent’s Hospital, their original home, went bankrupt. The doctors’ unwavering commitment to their patients led them to stay until the end, embodying their ethos of putting patient care above all else. The Doctors even joined Senators in fighting to save St. Vincent’s Hospital. 

In the words of another patient, “When my husband and I first learned that St. Vincent’s was closing, we were disappointed that we would probably have to switch doctors for our next pregnancy. After our experience with Drs. Worth and Mussalli, it became obvious that we would follow them wherever they go.”

Drs. Musalli & Worth in a New York Times feature.
Drs. Musalli & Worth in a New York Times feature.

When the hospital eventually closed, Village Obstetrics transitioned to Lenox Hill before finding a new home at Mount Sinai Hospital.

A first-time mom shared her remarkable experience, “I gave birth via unmedicated, natural labor to a healthy baby boy within five hours at Mount Sinai East. I credit the minimal tearing, avoidance of invasive procedures, and healthy delivery to exercising leading up to delivery, my doula, and my doctors. I can not thank the doctors enough for their emphasis on my health rather than their convenience at the time of delivery.”

A New Beginning: Village Maternity MD

In 2016, Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth expanded their mission with the inception of Village Maternity MD, a midwife-doctor practice committed to providing exceptional pregnancy care. This new practice combines kindness, attentiveness, and evidence-based guidelines to empower expecting parents throughout their pregnancy journey.

The Doctors at the launch of Village Maternity MD.
The Doctors at the launch of Village Maternity MD.

A Commitment to Empowerment

In 2019 Dr. Worth’s book, “The New Rules of Pregnancy was published. This comprehensive guide offers expectant mothers practical advice and a compassionate tone to navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy with confidence.

A gift from a Village Obstetrics patient.
A gift from a Village Obstetrics patient.

As the practice adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they continued to provide exceptional care through telemedicine and webinars. Their commitment to patient well-being and safety remained steadfast. One patient wrote, “in unprecedented circumstances, we always felt well taken care of and safe under your care. “

Looking Ahead: Honoring the Miracle of Birth

As Village Obstetrics celebrates 15 years, the practice stands as a testament to the power of personalized, holistic, and minimally invasive obstetrics care. Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth are not just healthcare providers; they are partners in the remarkable journey of pregnancy and birth, empowering women to embrace the magic of childbirth.

The "Dream Team" and "Birth Ninja".
The “Dream Team” and “Birth Ninja”.

The “Dream Team” and “Birth Ninjas” continue to lead the way in offering safe, satisfying, and empowering birth experiences. With their unyielding commitment to outstanding medicine and compassionate maternity care, Village Obstetrics is sure to shine for many years to come.

If you’re looking for an obstetrics practice that values your autonomy, respects your choices, and prioritizes safety and quality, look no further than Village Obstetrics and Village Maternity MD. Your journey into parenthood is their passion.

The Village Ob team celebrating 15 years together.
The Village Ob team celebrating 15 years together.

Thank you, Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth, Leanne and Lordes, for 15 years of exceptional care and dedication to the well-being of mothers, babies, and families. Your legacy is a testament to the beauty of a natural, minimally invasive approach to obstetrics. Here’s to many more years of empowering births and joyful families.


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