a letter to mount sinai from the parents of hannah

    We recently delivered a wonderful baby girl named Hannah at Mount Sinai’s labor and delivery unit on the second floor of 1174 5th Avenue and wanted to give our feedback concerning the wonderful care we were given.  After having our first girl at Lenox Hill last year before Drs. Worth and Mussalli from Village Obstetrics moved to Mount Sinai, we had trepidation as to whether the hospital staff would be supportive of our doctors and our philosophy of letting labor, even induced labor, take it’s course and whether they would give us the time my wife needed to have our baby.  We could not have been happier with the hospital staff’s response and cooperation and were thrilled that our caregivers gave D the chance to labor and to have an easy and rapid delivery.  My wife’s nurses, A most of the time, and H at the last moment, were stupendous and patient, attending to all of her needs.  D was induced at about 2 A.M. on Monday 8/27 and A and Dr. Worth worked closely once D was moved to the delivery room shortly after 7 A.M to gradually work D towards delivery.  D’s labor reached its climax at about 5:00 when Dr. Worth decided to break her water.  Many doctors would have done so hours earlier, when D was less dialated, but our friends who have had their water broken earlier in their labors have experienced more difficult deliveries.  Because the hospital allowed labor to take its own course, D delivered an hour later after only pushing five times with A, H and my support!!!!  We wanted to thank all of our caregivers for a wonderful experience and we hope that your relationship with Dr. Worth and Mussalli continues to prosper.