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Village Obstetrics

A Reason, Season or Lifetime


It’s been a year. Amazed. I wanted to send greetings to you since you were there from the beginning of her little life. There’s this little saying that I’ve heard several times that goes,  

“People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

There was definitely a reason we crossed paths, and although it was such a short season it was unforgettable nonetheless, and I will be grateful for a lifetime.  

Attaching a photo of us from Sunday. It’s the only one I’ve got at the moment.  

Hope this finds both of you doing well.  

Sincerely, J  

p.s. My friend came to meet with you last night. She’s thrilled with you both. My heart was moved when she told me how happy she was to meet with you and talk with you and experience such genuine sincerity. I knew she would be happy. I knew it. 🙂