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Dear Drs. Mussalli and Worth,

I have never written a letter to a client’s obstetrician before, but I was so moved by the experience with you that I felt compelled to write. I was with A throughout her arduous labor and birth process, and there is no doubt in my mind that in any other situation, with any other physicians, at any other hospital, she would have had another c-section. The confidence in her ability to birth this baby that you expressed to her throughout her pregnancy, the patience you both exhibited throughout the day and night of her labor, the honest and direct discussions you had with her, and ultimately the extraordinary skill of your partnership gave A the birth she was hoping for but never quite believed would experience.

As a midwife, doula, and childbirth educator, I have attended hundreds of births and heard stories of many more births, and have never before witnessed in physicians such respect for women and belief in the birth process. You are both rare individuals, and a powerhouse as a team. It was truly thrilling for me to finally meet you and see first-hand the compassionate and skilled care that has always been your reputation.

Thank you so much on behalf of A, and especially, for giving me faith that there are fantastic OBs in NYC!



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