With the Personal Touch of a Small Private Practice

The former Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the legendary St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dr. George Mussalli is one of the few maternal-fetal medicine specialists who still delivers babies. Dr. Jaqueline Worth brings more than a decade’s experience as a busy obstetrician. They have delivered thousands of babies in New York City and share a genuine love of obstetrics.

Village Obstetrics believes that immediate easy access of patients to their doctors translates into the best pregnancy outcomes with the highest patient satisfaction. At VOb, your doctors are available 24 hours a day for medical emergencies. Throughout your pregnancy, we are always happy to answer any questions you have about your health and the health of your baby. Village Obstetrics delivers at Mount Sinai Hospital, ranked the #3 hospital in New York.


Minimally Invasive Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics™ is an elite private practice dedicated to normal birth and high-risk obstetrics. VOB aims to assist women and their partners in achieving safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. We recognize that women should not have to choose between a safe delivery and a beautiful experience.  The philosophy of Village Obstetrics™ is one of deep respect for the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Yet as expert doctors we recognize that at times carefully selected treatments are needed.

We call our approach “minimally invasive obstetrics”. MIO™ is basically doing the least necessary interventions to achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth. Sometimes no intervention is needed and at other times quite a bit is required, but our approach is always gentle and respectful. Our philosophy of care has yielded outstanding results and great patient satisfaction.


Trust, Joy, Caring, Dependable, Excellent, Fun

We approach pregnancy with enthusiasm and understand the joys as well as the challenges that pregnancy brings. With a genuine reverence to the natural process of birth, we strive to balance the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of unhurried care. Informed by the experience delivering countless babies, we are aware of the uniqueness of each patient and family. We recognize your autonomy as the most important principle and strive for honest communication as the best way to build mutual trust. We recognize the physical, psychological, social, and even economic impact that pregnancy can have on our patients. Sensitivity and the highest clinical standards in collaboration with other outstanding practitioners is the way to nurture the complex opportunities that new life brings. The guiding posts of our practice are respect, quality and safety. We are honored to be your doctors and proud of our unyielding commitment to outstanding medicine and compassionate unhurried care.


At Village Obstetrics we track some of the quality measures advised by the National Quality Forum, The Joint Commission, Healthy People 2010/2020 and ACOG as well as some of our own. Tracking data supports transparency and self-reflection. Numbers are only a tool and are never a rigid goal. Numbers help us think about the care we give and help us learn and improve.

Epidural for Labor Pain
Labor Induction
Skin to Skin at Delivery
Continuous Labor Support (Doula)
TSV** Cesarean Rate
NTSV† Cesarean Rate
Total Cesarean Rate
VBAC Trial of Labor Success
Gentle Cesarean technique‡
Village Obstetrics Patient Data 1/1/17 – 6/30/17
*excludes operative vaginal delivery and non reassuring fetal status, **TSV is 37+ weeks, baby head down, all patients except scheduled cesarean and multiple gestation,  †NTSV is 37+ weeks, baby head down, first birth, ‡ Gentle Cesarean technique is clear drape, skin to skin and breast feeding in OR when medically appropriate