Village Obstetrics Approaches Your Pregnancy with Enthusiasm!


We understand the joys as well as the challenges that pregnancy brings. 

With a genuine reverence to the natural process of birth, we strive to balance the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of unhurried care. Informed by the experience of delivering countless babies, we are aware of the uniqueness of each patient and family. We recognize your autonomy as the most important principle and strive for honest communication as the best way to build mutual trust. We recognize the physical, psychological, social, and even economic impact that pregnancy can have on our patients. We believe that sensitivity and the highest clinical standards in collaboration with other outstanding practitioners is the way to nurture the complex opportunities that new life brings. The philosophy of Village Obstetrics™ is one of deep respect for the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Yet as expert doctors, we recognize that at times carefully selected treatments are needed. We call our approach “minimally invasive obstetrics,” doing the least necessary interventions to achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth. Sometimes no intervention is needed and at other times quite a bit is required, but our approach is always gentle and respectful. Our philosophy of care has yielded outstanding results and great patient satisfaction.


The guiding posts of our practice are respect, quality and safety.

We are thrilled and honored to be your doctors and are proud of our unyielding commitment to outstanding medicine and compassionate unhurried care.