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Dear Dr Worth, Dr Mussalli , Leanne & Lourdes

I have wanted to send this email since February the day Baby and I came home from St. Vincent’s but like most new Moms the time just kept slipping away and all of a sudden almost four months had passed us by. Although I was extremely busy enjoying my new found love, I know you guys where very busy with all that was happening with St. Vincent’s, I must say nothing in the fourteen years of living here made me as sad as it did watching the hospital close down. Being a resident in this area and passing the hospital everyday is painful.

I am delighted to hear that you have found a new home and I hope that you will keep your office on West 12th St. I want to thank you all for the AMAZING care you gave us, the entire pregnancy was made so much easier with all of you as our doctors. God willing I will be back again to see you all next year. The baby is the most amazing baby and was definitely worth waiting as long as I did for.

I will stop by the office in the next couple of weeks to see you all hopefully and thank you in person again.

Best wishes


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