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Incredible Twin Birth Story

Hello Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli!

I wanted to thank you both for an unbelievable experience with the birth of my twins in November.

I switched to your practice very late in my pregnancy – from another practice that was uncomfortable with twins in any presentation other than both head down. Even though my twins did end up both turning head down, I worried about having one vaginally and the other by c-section if the second baby happened to change its position during labor.

Well, that is more or less what happened. At 36 weeks, I woke up in labor. This was my second pregnancy, but I still did not believe things could happen this fast. I was shocked to learn when I got to the hospital that I was already 10 cm dilated and fully effaced, ready to push!

My baby girl came out head first. Then my baby boy sort of turned a bit transverse after her birth. Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli then turned him breech and pulled him out by his feet as I pushed.

I had a vaginal delivery – with just 20 minutes in between. This was just 3 hours after I had woken up with some mild cramping. I was at the hospital for less than 2 hours by the time both babies were born.

This was an amazing birth experience and I felt absolutely amazing immediately afterward and still do now, a little over a month later. I have two beautiful healthy babies and was able to have them vaginally with no fuss about it.

Thanks so much to both of you! Here are some pictures as well.



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