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First Time Mom’s Birth Story

As a first-time mom, every aspect of pregnancy was a new experience for me. Every step along the way was exciting – feeling the first acrobatics of my baby inside of me, stepping into maternity clothes, and new insights of the precious being inside of me at every doctor’s visit. But the actual act of giving birth still scared me. How would I know when I’m ready? And how on earth would I get this baby out of me? Any apprehension I had regarding the birthing process quickly dissolved with Dr. Worth’s and Dr. Mussalli’s comforting words and superb care, leaving me with just excitement and anticipation.

When I started feeling contractions, I called the office. Dr. Mussalli, who was on call, answered all my questions and gave me instructions regarding when to come to the hospital, and again assured me to call again if I needed anything and that no amount of questions would be a bother. Twelve hours later, I decided I was ready to head down to the hospital.

My labor was going smoothly but the part that I was really scared for was coming up – the big push. By that time, Dr. Worth was on duty to deliver my baby. After many hours of labor, I was utterly exhausted and I did not know how I was possibly going to have the energy to push. Dr. Worth waited until my baby came almost all the way down the birth canal before she had me push. And push I did!

With Dr. Worth’s encouragement and help, slowly, slowly, my little princess began to enter this world. Finally, she was born. As she was placed on my belly straight from my womb, I began crying uncontrollably with so much emotion. What a beautiful thing to be able to give birth! To witness the miracle of life! All I could do was hold her and cry the happiest tears in the world, whispering to my husband, “she is so perfect, I can’t believe she is ours, I can’t believe she’s here!”

How lucky you are Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli to witness this wonderful gift of life daily. To help families receive the most precious gift, a baby! The warmth that both of you have shown in your office practice and at the hospital is unparalleled. Thank you for making every moment of this incredible journey a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


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