Baby Juliette

    Dear Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth,

    I am holding Juliette, born just three weeks ago. Every time I look at her I am reminded of both of you and your  wonderful practice.

    With my first pregnancy, I was with another practice. I had a safe delivery but the process of labor and birth felt at odds with my  philosophy.  I had heard about your practice throughout Brooklyn. Mothers told me  to come to you because of  your  minimally invasive approach. When I  met both of you, I felt safe and supported.

    Throughout my pregnancy, your staff  was extremely professional, handling  tasks with grace and efficiency. The care  that you gave demonstrated just how you  garnered such a respected reputation.
    You were careful, observant, and cheerful about my personal situation.You took your  time to speak to me, explaining any process with patience and skill. When you were with a patient, it was as if that was the  only person in your life at that moment.

    The day of Juliette’s birth couldn’t  be smoother. The nurses welcomed me  with a positive attitude and when  the both of you arrived on the scene, I knew I was in the best of hands. I must admit I felt sad to say  goodbye to you. You had provided the most important care in the most  important phase of a person’s life. How  can I thank you?  I carry the beauty of  your work with me every day. She’s lovely and miraculous.

    My gratitude goes out to  you both.