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Baby O

Hi Drs. Worth and Mussalli,  

I hope you are both doing well and enjoying the start of summer.  

I wanted to thank you for the referral for pelvic floor therapy. I ended up going to Gail O’Neill at Shift PT and she has been outstanding! Gail is a wonderful clinician and extremely knowledgable about the post-partum body. She is also the mother to three children and understands what it is like being a new mom and working to recover your body. Plus, she welcomes babies and has that special baby touch. I have brought Ollie to every single session with Gail and it has never been an issue (even when he has been super fussy). I would not have been able to do this therapy if I couldn’t bring Ollie and Gail is truly amazing with him. The other PT place that was in the referral packet was less welcoming to babies when I inquired about therapy and preferred that I came alone.  

I wanted to let you know what an EXCELLENT referral Shift PT was, though specifically Gail. I feel like she is helping to put me back together and get me in even better shape than I was before pregnancy (backwise).  

I also attached a picture of Anna and Ollie 🙂  

With even more gratitude for all of the good that you do,