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Hi Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli,  

Preparing for the baby was a bit scary especially as my due date neared. However, from the first day I met Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli in Spring 2013, I was confident that this was the team I wanted to deliver my baby. I may have been the most “shy” patient ever… hardly ever had a question, yet I was given all the attention and care any new mom deserved.   Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli really journey with you and this makes your pregnancy experience much more comfortable. I have learned that you can never be 100% prepared. This I know from looking back at my birth plan which never made it out of my bag and yet, I would have done nothing different at the hospital.  

Village Obstetrics has the warmest medical team, most awesome staff, and best pregnancy care and advice a patient could ever need. No question is too small, no detail is not worth going over. The chit chat experience was an eye-opener and much appreciated. It set the pace for my husband and me to do a birthing class which turned out to be very useful when those labor pains started.   On November 10, 2013, three weeks early at about 2 am… I remember having intense back pain. The pain was manageable and after confirming my contractions had begun with first Dr. Mussalli and then updating Dr. Worth with my progress, I remained comfy at home until what I call the (11th hour – almost literally). After about 2 hours I held my daughter in my arms… It’s a girl! Dr. Mussalli was able to take control of my most frightful moments (as I had a natural birth) and keep me focused to deliver my baby with minimal tearing in three pushes. I was too elated to be impressed with myself… I will forever be grateful and was very impressed by my Village OBs team.

Thank you all! I will return when it’s time to expand the family.



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