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Birth Story – Attempted VBAC

I am the patient who suffered severe bleeding and needed a hysterectomy.

I would like to thank Drs. Worth and Mussalli, who did a great job during my pregnancy follow-up and handled perfectly an unexpected complication during my attempted VBAC: although I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, no inducing, and everything seemed good for a natural birth, a bleeding occurred.

I am so glad to have chosen to deliver at the hospital (and not at home), where there was everything to take care of me: medical equipment, blood, qualified people.

Drs. Worth and Mussalli, even if they prone a delivery as much natural as possible, are great doctors who can perfectly handle life-threatening situations when they occur. They operated on me and did what was necessary to keep me and my baby healthy.

I am also very grateful to the teams of the hospital: both teams at the Intensive Care and Maternity Units were great. The nurses of the Maternity also took great care of my newborn (and of my husband!) when I could not because I was in ICU, and then of me when I came back to the Maternity unit. Special thanks to Sue.

I’m really glad that I chose Saint Vincent Hospital and Village Obstetrics.

I’m nursing little baby and he’s doing very well, putting on weight very quickly. My recovery has been fast and I enjoy more than ever life and the joys of taking care of my two sons.


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