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Birth Story – Blessed Experience

I gave birth to my beautiful son on January 31st at St. Vincent’s hospital in Manhattan. I had the great fortune to have both Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli as my doctors. I went to St. Vincent’s that day for my routine sonogram and fetal heart monitoring. While lying on a hospital bed, the nurse listening to the fetal heart beating away, my water broke! I was admitted to Labor and Delivery and thus began a very positive, smooth ending to my first pregnancy.

I came to Dr, Worth about halfway through this pregnancy because I was unhappy with my original OB/GYN. The office was an impersonal one and I never felt comfortable with my doctor. When I decided to change I thought perhaps I should go with a mid-wife for a more personal experience. I called a friend who was a doula and she immediately recommended Dr. Worth. I e-mailed Dr. Worth hoping she would get back to me within the week but she e-mailed back almost immediately saying she would love to meet with me! From that moment on I have felt in the best of hands.

Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli, despite having a very busy practice, always had time to sit and answer all of my questions. They both clearly love what they do and are very good at it. With Village Obstetrics I felt I was getting the best of both worlds; the personal care of a midwife and the security of a doctor and hospital. I also have nothing but good things to say about the nurses and doctors at St. Vincent’s who took equally excellent care of me, my husband, and baby.

Throughout labor & delivery, I never felt rushed or pushed into a decision. They always gave me my options and let me decide for myself. The result is that I feel I had exactly the birth I was meant to have. Their competence and warmth helped make the birth of my first child the amazing blessed experience I’d hoped it would be.

Sincerely, K