Thank You Letter for Village Obstetrics
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Village Obstetrics

Birth Story – VBAC

I switched doctors 38 weeks into my pregnancy. Luckily, Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli take late referrals, and they welcomed the challenge and the difficulties I was facing as a VBAC candidate. They met with my husband and I, were extremely personable, friendly, attentive, and informative. I could reach them by email at all times. I went from being worried and scared to being confident and excited as soon as I made the decision to switch over.

The birth was long and hard. M barely made it out vaginally, but thanks to the doctors’ patience, knowledge, teamwork, and resources, and thanks to our doula, Margot did agree to come out in the end. Having such a great team in the room, with everyone working towards the same goal, made a huge difference and allowed the birth to happen naturally. I’m certain that with any other doctor or midwife, I would have had another c-section.

I’ve felt a disconnect with doctors for a long time now. I absolutely respect them yet I feel they’ve never taken the time to properly diagnose me, understand me and my body. I¹ve always just had to deal with mediocre situations full of compromise and uncertainty. This is the first time I¹ve really experience the highest level of care. I now know what we can expect from a doctor, and what a doctor can actually accomplish and it¹s pretty extraordinary. My family will be forever grateful. I am, as a woman, forever grateful. I wish every pregnant woman to have such amazing care.


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