Birth Story – Iris

Like many of Dr. Worth’s patients, I transferred to Village Obstetrics late in my pregnancy, at 34 weeks. After a dissatisfying appointment with one of

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Baby Ruby

Hi Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli, Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Ruby Nable (born at St Vincent’s on February 14th).

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Baby Renee

Dear Dr. Worth, During all the time I snuggled with Mommy, thank you for caring for me and keeping a close watch over me. Also

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Baby Valentine

Please find attached 1 picture of Valentine and her big sister. Village Obstetrics will be a really good souvenir. Thank you again for all your

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Baby Sadie Jane

Dr. Worth, Thanks again for everything in connection with the delivery of Sadie Jane. We are so grateful for all that you, Dr. Mussalli, RN

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