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Dear Doctors Worth and Mussalli,

We really don’t know how to say thank you for the blessing you have given us. We met you when we were having an early miscarriage, and your compassion and thoughtfulness convinced us we wanted you to be our doctors for our next pregnancy.

In the very early days of our next pregnancy, you let us come visit you as often as we needed to get reassurance that everything was going well. As the pregnancy progressed you were ever patient when answering our many questions, and you listened to our views such as when we all decided to recalculate the due date. you gave us information and advice to empower us to make our own decisions about what was right for us and as we waited for our baby to arrive, that patience was there again as we gave him the time to arrive when he wanted to.

For the birth, you were there at the right moments, a calm and reassuring presence, to check the progress of the labor. You removed as much monitoring and tubing as possible to make it easy for me to get into whatever position I wanted to for pushing, and you were a great coach throughout the delivery. All this contributed to medication-free labor, with baby appearing just 3 hours after we arrived at the hospital. You helped give us an incredible, amazing birth experience.

As the real adventure begins, thank you for giving us the best possible start with our wonderful baby boy.
With love,

S, G, and D


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