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Village Obstetrics

Cassius aka Cash

Dear Dr. Musalli, Dr. Worth, Lourdes and Leanne,

It’s hard to believe that it has already been two months since Cassius came into our lives. I wanted to write sooner with pictures but little Cash didn’t give me the time. R and I would like to thank you for making his delivery everything that we wanted it to be. We were very happy being in your care for 9 months, especially in the last couple of months when we had to deal with two separate version attempts and labor that felt like it was stopping and starting for days on end. Your attention, caring, and humor (as evident in the picture you took with us of our last day in the hospital when you came in to find my husband, and not myself, in the hospital bed holding Cash) was much appreciated and something we will never forget. We are planning to move out of the state in the next few months so unfortunately our next pregnancy won’t be with Village OB and it will be extremely hard to top. Thanks again for everything and best wishes in the future.


H, R & Cash