Newborn in a baseball glove - A thank you note to Village Obstetrics.
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Village Obstetrics

Dr. Mussalli Made Us Feel Calm and Assured

From day 1, both doctors were warm, thoughtful, and listened to my concerns and questions at every visit. At about 36 weeks, Dr. Mussalli told me that the baby would have to come out within 24 hours! After several hours of medicine and manual induction, it was time to deliver, and baby was out after just 29 minutes of pushing. Throughout the whole experience, which was a bit scary for my husband and me, Dr. Mussalli made us feel calm and assured that everything would turn out ok. I was so thankful to experience his gentle, calm, and caring manner during the surprise birth of our baby. We are so thankful to both doctors for their care and are looking forward to being with them for baby #2!


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