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Cheers to You Both

Tonight, D is sleeping next to a woman whose pregnancy ended in the birth of a baby boy and a hysterectomy.  Last year, when we had baby and both of you saved mom from a similar fate, Dr. Worth inspired me to write a short note of thanks.  But on this day, able to enjoy her newest daughter free of illness, it was mom who was inspired and asked that I give her inspiration a voice.  

So while her roommate tries to celebrate her new baby boy at the same time she mourns part of her life taken from her unwillingly, one day away from D’s and my second wedding anniversary, D and I reflected on the blessings of the past two years and how so many of those blessings could just as easily have been their own tragedies.  Save for finding each other, D and I could not be more blessed than to have had baby E, and now baby H in our lives.  And twice now, both of our girls have been lucky enough, blessed in fact, to have been shepherded into this world by both of you. 14 months ago I thanked you because without you, E may not have had a mother. 14 months later, D looked up at me and reminded me that without you there would have been no baby H.  

I listened to some of the politics, the posturing, the egos, and opinions of the hospital staff.  While all of the other doctors think they are treating patients by performing procedures and moving bodies, both of you are saving families, helping couples, and allow mothers to parent in good health rather than forcing them to heal their wounds and to take comfort in what they have now rather than all that they could have had if someone put their needs first.   When we sit down on Wednesday and celebrate two years married together, we will drink to you, because for the two years that D and I have been married, we have been able to have the comfort that we can trust that all will be okay because you were both there.  

We love you and we thank you.   E&D  

P.S. Dr. Worth, I know Dr. Mussalli is a Star Trek fan and loves to quote Dr. McCoy, so I will give you a line from Dr. McCoy’s repertoire for the next time someone challenges your judgment.  “My God Man! Drilling holds in his head’s not the answer.  Put away your butcher knives and let me save this patient.”   :)


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