Brass baby hands sculpture at Village Obstetrics in Manhattan representing the delicate nature of childbirth.
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Birth Story – Work Together Seamlessly

Since I gave birth to my son in March, I have commented to people so many times about my positive experience with both Drs. Worth and Mussalli, so I wanted to send in a big thank you.

My husband and I moved back to the US from London when I was 30 weeks, and I initially went to another practice that a friend recommended. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the doctor from the beginning, and I now realize he comes from the invasive-style philosophy of obstetrics.

We took the amazing childbirth classes at RealBirth, and once I started asking my first obstetrician questions, I realized I was 100% in the wrong practice. I called Erica Lyon, the founder of RealBirth in tears, and she referred me to Village Obstetrics. What a fortuitous connection! I had been stressing about the delivery up to then: would the doctor listen to me? Will I be forced into a needless c-section or episiotomy? All those concerns went out the window when I met Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli, and I was so much calmer. I could focus on me, and I knew that they delivered babies the way I wanted my baby delivered.

My labor felt endless to me (over 30 hours), but Dr. Worth assured me throughout that everything was fine and normal (just slow going). I honestly think that with a less patient doctor, I would have been pumped full of pitocin and/or given a c-section. Instead, I had a 100% normal delivery — giving birth to a boy. I was cared for by both Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli, and it is wonderful how seamlessly they work together.

We still laugh thinking about how Dr. Mussalli exclaimed during delivery, ”Wow, that’s a large head!” He is now 3 months old, and he is a smiley, chubby baby.