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Do You Need A Doula?

Enhancing Your Pregnancy Journey with the Support of a Doula

Contemplating the need for extra support during your pregnancy journey? In our latest video, Drs. Mussalli and Worth from Village Obstetrics delve into the crucial role of doulas in childbirth and why they might be the perfect addition to your birthing team.

The Labor Doula: A Supportive Birth Expert

Dr. Worth: “A labor Doula is a coach or a birth expert that you bring with you to the hospital who helps you with pushing positions and communication with the hospital staff and just general all-around helping the experience be supportive and loving. I find that patients will tell me over and over that having a Doula in addition to being in our practice is one of the best and most important decisions that they made that helped them have their birth be joyful.”

Addressing Common Questions: “Do I Need a Doula?”

Dr. Mussalli: “I often get the question, ‘Do I need a doula?’ and a lot of times there is this sweet sentiment that a couple, especially with the first baby, want to lean on each other, they want to support each other, and that is critically important. However, when things start to get really tough, the answer is yes, you absolutely need to have a doula. As a partner myself, I’ve been in that situation where I don’t recognize my wife in labor when the going gets really tough, and I’m very, very grateful to have somebody there who can provide me with reassurance and guidance that everything I’m seeing is fine and is okay.”

Navigating the Hospital Environment: Why a Doula Matters

Dr. Worth: “I think it’s really important for a couple to have a doula because the couple going into birth doesn’t understand how difficult an environment the hospital is. In the hospital, it’s an environment designed for safety and sterility and for the availability of expertise at all times should there be a complication. But, it’s not designed very well to help patients progress through Labor and have an unmedicated birth. The hospital just isn’t designed for that, and so the Doula is someone who has seen many, many births. She’s a birth expert who’s in the room with us and helps the patient and her husband or her partner be comfortable during this extremely strenuous and challenging time.”

Evidence-Based Benefits: Reducing C-Section Rates

Dr. Mussalli: “Interestingly, Doulas and birth have been associated with a reduction in C-section rates. That’s actually an evidence-based thing, so yes you need a doula, you want a doula, and every partner after it’s all said and done says, ‘Best money I ever spent to have a Doula.’ We’re big fans, we’re pro doula.”

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