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Drug-Free, Natural Delivery & Rapid Recovery

Hello Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli,

The birth was intense and amazing. A drug-free, natural delivery, and recovery has been rapid. The entire birth team was wonderful. Our Doula, Maiysha Campbell, Dr. Mussalli (and Dr. Worth throughout the pregnancy!), and truly excellent nurses at Mt. Sinai. We feel so blessed with this precious child and her peaceful transition from my womb to our arms.  

She has a robust appetite for breast milk, keeping her mama happily busy! : ) At her 1st pediatric visit on Monday, she had already regained her birth weight (3 days after hospital discharge!) and the doctor said she’s in perfect health. After a long wait for this little one to join our family, we feel truly and abundantly blessed beyond measure!  

Overflowing with love, joy and profound gratitude, L & N happy family


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