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Empowering Birth Experience

i wish for every parent the empowering, transformative birth I had with this practice—an experience that should be a universal right but that is unfortunately a rarified privilege.

i have early life medical trauma, as i imagine is common for many women and people of color. before my experience with Village Obstetrics, which took me as a late transfer at 36 weeks, i ranked childbirth as among my biggest fears. now it is among my most liberating and empowering experiences, all thanks to Dr. Worth, Dr. Mussalli, Lourdes, and Leanne.

i have a genetic predisposition to hypertension and knew that preeclampsia and early induction were likely for my first birth. but i was committed to as natural a birth as possible, and, for brain and organ development purposes, to keep my baby gestating for as long as it was safe to do so. when i voiced these values to my previous doctor – a highly regarded OB in NYC – she stood over me and shouted in my face, while my bump was out and exposed, that I didn’t have that option because I was a “geriatric.” (I’m 36 years old.) I contacted Village Obstetrics the next day and, despite that it was a Saturday during her long-planned vacation, Dr. Worth called me the same day and spent two hours on the phone with me, and then texting and emailing over the weekend to follow up.

every in-office experience was similar—Drs. Worth and Mussalli spent as much time as I needed during each appointment, and that indeed included some two hour visits. thanks not just to the doctors but also Lourdes and Leanne, the office feels nothing like a clinic (important for those with trauma) but more like a home, where one is cared for and valued as a human being. I never once felt like I had to be my own advocate, never once doubted whether the doctors were on my side—a too-rare experience in obstetrics (I’ve had prior pregnancy losses and have tried out my share of doctors).

my baby was born on her due date at 40 weeks; her birth was safe and smooth, and we were both healthy and discharged 24 hours after birth. any other practice would have forced me into induction at 37 weeks, but Drs. Worth and Mussalli worked with me to balance the risks against the benefits for *my particular pregnancy*— a refreshingly humane approach in an inhumane world far too concerned with reading statistics and warding off liability.

it’s worth noting that Dr. Mussalli—who more than overcame my distrust of male doctors— is one of the only high-risk doctors who still handles deliveries himself, and I was lucky to have him at mine. after my baby was born, we encountered a not-uncommon complication because my placenta was not detaching on its own. i’ve had friends who experienced this and had to be separated from their babies and taken to the OR and undergo full anesthesia. but Dr. Mussalli, pro that he is, manually handled it with zero side effects in the delivery room, without disrupting our precious golden hour— a gift for which I will forever be grateful.

i trust no one else to bring my children into the world. i understand the finances here may be prohibitive. but if you have the means—as someone who (literally) grew up hungry and counting pennies—i can assure you that Village Obstetrics is more than worth it.


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