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Every Visit Treated with Care & Expertise


I don’t know if it sounds too dramatic to say Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth & their team at Village Obstetrics impacted my life greatly. I certainly feel that way.

My husband and I are members of 32BJ’s health services. Being pregnant/giving birth can be the most beautiful yet traumatic experience a woman goes through. I am eternally grateful to have been recommended to Village Obstetrics.

Every visit was treated with care and expertise. For me, my pregnancy was awful- that’s how I felt all the time just AWFUL. The Village Obstetrics team took the time to get to know ME – my past birthing experience & my desire for my future experience. The conversations were filled with empathy and guidance. From Leanne, who works at the front desk, to Lourdes, who checks my weight, which was ever increasing, there was efficiency and gentleness.

I appreciate how knowledgeable Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth are-which is very important when caring for me and my baby. And then there was the last portion of my journey: delivery- I don’t know how I would have made it to the end without Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth. The baby took some time to come, again my doctor knowing what to do when I’m borderline panicking is priceless.

Thank you for being partners with such an amazing team. They have touched my family so beautifully.

Warm Regards,


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