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Hi Doctors,
Today is the 4 week birthday of my son. I look back on my pregnancy and birth experience and feel so lucky that I birthed with the two of you, Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth, Village Obstetrics.
Throughout my pregnancy I really hoped and planned for a natural birth, specifically with hypnobirthing. I felt supported with my choices and confident that the two of you understood the ideas and desires related to natural childbirth running through the new parent communities of NYC. I saw my due date come and go, as my body grew bigger and bigger. I knew I was having a big baby even though I am very petite. At 42 weeks, my water broke and I went to the hospital almost 12 hours later. I was not progressing on my own and knew that induction was coming. I felt comforted that I knew which doctors would be treating me. My options were clearly communicated to me, my husband and doula throughout my labor. My labor ended with a c-section and a baby that was 9lbs 7oz and 21 inches. I was completely confident in Dr. Mussalli’s ability to perform. A friend of mine also got a c-section from him a few months earlier after planning a natural birth and she healed relatively quickly without complications. My experience was similar. My scar is hard to see and I am healing at a rate that is comfortable compared to some other women I have spoken with. I have had no complications. I feel so lucky that I was able to birth with doctors that did their best to guide me through a natural childbirth, yet stepped up to the plate with extremely high quality skills when medical intervention was needed. Thank you so much!


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