We are proud to be in-network (high-risk pregnancy only) with 32BJ.

Schedule a complimentary meet and greet  to determine if you are high risk.


If you are out of network with us, we know that pregnancy and birth care can be expensive for families. We are committed to helping you understand your insurance reimbursement. We want to help you spread payments overtime if needed.


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Monthly credit card charges over six to nine months.

Billing Explanation

Maternal-Fetal Medicine practices are generally limited to high-risk pregnancies. The patients cared for are not routine pregnancies and require a greater amount of expertise, time and risk for care. Charges are above the usual and customary fees charged for low-risk pregnancy. Patient services are billed as fee-for-service and not the typical global obstetrical package used in other situations.


For low-risk pregnancies our global professional fee covers uncomplicated prenatal care and delivery defined as 12 prenatal visits, vaginal delivery, and 2 postpartum visits. If there are charges for additional care (office sonograms, high-risk consultations, sick visits, extra visits, hospital visits, unexpected surgery, office venipuncture, immunization among other treatments) we will bill your insurer directly. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to manage these additional costs using our sliding scale.


We can estimate, but we cannot guarantee what your insurance company will pay towards our professional fees. By commencing care with us, you are promising to pay the amount your insurance company does not cover of our professional fee for prenatal care and delivery.