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Grateful for Gentle Approach to C-Sections

Dr. Mussali and Dr. Worth,

We cannot thank you enough for your care in bringing our daughter into this world. Switching to Village Obstetrics at over seven months pregnant was a risk, but we could not have been happier. I was confident with your pride in low c-section rates that we had found the right match, and when our little one was breeched and clearly unable to make the turn, we were very grateful for your gentle approach to C-sections. We feel lucky to have found a practice that performs “gentle c-sections” and skin to skin contact right after birth. Thank you for valuing that every birth experience can be as holistic as possible, even if it means holistic surgery!

We are grateful for your attention to our needs and concern throughout the process. We were amazed that you were both innovative about care, while prioritizing the empowerment of parental choice. It was a powerful experience to watch our daughter arrive through a clear drape so we could witness her first moments and hold her so soon after birth. We appreciate you and your staff for making our baby’s arrival so seamless.

All our best always,
A.W. and R


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