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Gentle Care and Wise Consideration

Dear Village OB,

I can’t thank you enough for guiding me and my husband on the amazing life journey that is childbirth. We wake up every day and see a miracle before our eyes. It was with your office’s expertise, loving-kindness, encouragement, and incredible respect that got us through the pregnancy, labor, and delivery- and we are forever grateful. Words can’t adequately express our gratitude for the whole experience. Your team’s gentle care and wise consideration, and seeing me as a whole person, rather than an oftentimes stigmatized “high-risk case”, was so important to me. I know very well that my labor and delivery were quite exceptional. With Dr. Worth’s wisdom and creativity, I was able to deliver vaginally. What a gift you gave us, and I’m forever grateful to the entire office. Leanne and Lourdes, and made all the difference when it came to day-to-day care. They are a treasure. Dr. Mussalli’s excellent humorous bedside manner and the terrific interplay between Dr. Worth and Catherine the doula during the big day made everything feel so much more safe and wonderful. Dr. Worth, as the leader on the actual labor day, I must tell you that you are an amazing doctor and an inspirational woman. I can see how everyone really loves their job, and it’s a delight to have been cared for by such happy folks. Thank you so much.

With all our love,

C.A. and Baby Arthur