The Benefits of Gentle Cesarean

A More Satisfying Birth Experience with Greater Control

At Village Obstetrics in Manhattan, we are proud to offer Gentle Cesarean as our standard technique for all cases except urgent emergencies. Our experienced and meticulous doctors have championed the Gentle (or family-centered) C-Section at Mount Sinai, leading the way for more compassionate and patient-centered childbirth experiences.


Our Gentle Cesarean technique includes the use of clear drapes, allowing our patients to watch their baby being born and feel more in control of the process. We also offer a variety of options for a more comfortable and calming environment, such as background music and dimmed lights. With this approach, our patients report feeling more connected to their childbirth experience and more satisfied overall.


Additionally, our patients have the opportunity to bond with their newborn in the all-important first hour after birth, promoting a strong and healthy attachment. Our doctors prioritize the well-being of both the mother and the baby, ensuring a safe and successful delivery.


If you’re interested in a more gentle and personalized cesarean experience, schedule a consultation with Village Obstetrics today.

Image of Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli performing a gentle c-section with a clear drape, allowing parents to see their baby being born, promoting bonding and reducing stress and anxiety during the procedure.

Our Doctors are Expert Surgeons

We are meticulous and experienced and have outstanding results.

We take inspiration from our colleagues in England and Massachusetts, profiled in the following videos.



"We feel lucky to have found a practice that values "gentle c-sections" and skin to skin contact right after birth. Thank you for valuing that every birth experience can be as holistic as possible, even if it means holistic surgery!"

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