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Gentle Cesarean

We championed the Gentle (or family-centered) C-Section at Mount Sinai.

Because of our doctors, the hospital introduced clear drapes. Gentle cesarean is our standard technique for all cases except urgent emergencies. With this procedure, our patients feel more in control of the process and have a more satisfying birth experience. For example, they can choose to have background music or ask for dimmed lights. They are fully conscious during surgery and can watch their baby being born. Then, the baby stays with them, and they can use the all-important first hour for bonding.

Gentle Cesarean Technique, Village Obstetrics Manhattan

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We take inspiration from our colleagues in England and Massachusetts, profiled in the following videos.



"We feel lucky to have found a practice that values "gentle c-sections" and skin to skin contact right after birth. Thank you for valuing that every birth experience can be as holistic as possible, even if it means holistic surgery!"