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“In Quietness and Trust is Your Strength”

“in quietness and trust is your strength”

Isaiah 30:15

Dr. Worth,  

It was an absolute joy and gift to work with you these past nine months. I knew after giving birth to our second child that, if we were to have a third, I wanted you to be the one to deliver that baby. You carry such a peaceful presence which beautifully exhibits strength — and the day you delivered J was surely no exception. I felt safe and heard under your leadership.

Dr. Mussalli,

You’ve hit the sweet spot where passion, joy, and profession intersect and the excitement you bring to pregnancy and birth is contagious. I had a hard time connecting with our baby this pregnancy but every time you would find him with such particular and specific joy on the sonogram, pieces of my heart would soften. Thank you for creating something so special with Dr. Worth and the team. I will always be grateful for the time together.


Thank you for always greeting me with such attentive warmth and care. During a pandemic where face-to-face interaction has been a rarity, I always enjoyed our short catch-ups. I wish you and your family all the best.


The culture you Lourdes, Dr. Mussalli, and Dr. Worth have created is truly impressive. Thank you for meeting me with kindness every appointment. And thank you for believing in this VBAC. I still remember your confidence that we wouldn’t need a 39-week check-up. 😊 Thank you for everything.

– Thank you. I will always cherish this past season with you, Dr. Mussalli, Lourdes, and Leanne. With deep gratitude, AP


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