Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

Jacob, Rose & Julian

To Dr Mussalli and Dr Worth:

I had the privilege of meeting you at the time of my daughter N’s birth of her twins in August 2009. Thanks for giving her and them just the birth N was hoping for. They are thriving. It is a gift to be able to be around twins.

I knew something of your interests, from the days when N found you, and it occurred to me that we can make changes in birth practices by setting examples, such as your practice does, and thereby drawing clients who are looking for what you provide. I then visited your web site and was pleased to fine that you include your (great, in my view), statistics.

We have grown vegetables commercially, using ecological methods only, for 30 years and have witnessed the power of customer choice, rather than regulation, in changing an industry. It feels that that a change for the better in birth practices can happen in the same way – a market driven approach.

Best wishes in you new office uptown, and in your new home at Lenox Hill.

Thanks again.