Welcome to Village Obstetrics, a haven of expert obstetric care where the essence of time, expertise, and a family-like commitment converge to celebrate 15 years of excellence. Join Drs. Mussalli and Worth as they share the unique vision that has shaped this extraordinary practice.
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Joyful & Safe Obstetric Care

15 Years of Joyful and Safe Obstetric Care: A Vision by Village Obstetrics

Join Drs. Mussalli and Worth in this video as they share the unique vision that has shaped this extraordinary practice.

A Unique Focus on Obstetrics

Dr. Mussalli highlights what sets Village Obstetrics apart – an exclusive focus on obstetrics. By not delving into Gynecology, the practice channels its time and expertise into everything under the umbrella of obstetric care, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the unique needs of pregnant patients.

Personalized and Focused Care

Dr. Worth passionately describes the personalized care offered at Village Obstetrics. With a deep understanding of their patients’ hopes and dreams, the practice becomes a guiding force for a safe and joyful delivery. This vision, conceived 15 years ago, revolves around pregnancy-focused care, creating a supportive environment for achieving pregnancy and navigating the journey through all the changes of pregnancy.

A Family at Village Obstetrics

Dr. Mussalli emphasizes the familial atmosphere at Village Obstetrics. Spending countless hours together, the team prioritizes honoring each other and their co-workers. The recent celebration of 15 years is a testament to the bonds forged within this caring family.

Inspiration in Daily Care

Dr. Worth expresses pride in the team’s love for their work, illustrating the inspiring feedback from patients who express a desire to return for another baby just to experience the joy and care provided by Village Obstetrics.

Safety, Joy, and Parenthood

Safety remains a top goal at Village Obstetrics, as emphasized by Dr. Mussalli. Balancing this priority is the understanding that the journey of parenthood should be joyful and happy. The practice is dedicated to ensuring a safe, healthy, and joy-filled experience for both mothers and babies.

A Personal Connection to Obstetrics

Dr. Worth opens up about her personal connection to the field, rooted in her own challenges in getting pregnant. This profound experience inspired her to offer open-minded and kind care to future generations. Birth, she explains, is a transforming experience, and Village Obstetrics is here to guide you through this journey with expert care.

As we celebrate 15 years, Village Obstetrics invites you to join the joy, safety, and transformative experiences that define our commitment to exceptional obstetric care. Watch our video to discover the heart of our practice and consider us for your pregnancy journey. We’re here to share in the joyous moments and guide you expertly through this transformative experience.


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