Kipplen and Tillem

Kipplen and Tillem

  • On February 7, 2014
Hi everyone at VOb!
Just wanted to share a couple shots of my boys with you all—doesn’t seem like it’s already been 4 months since you helped me deliver Kipplen and Tillem! They’re doing very well though mama and papa are perpetually exhausted of course!
I think of you all very fondly and recommend VOb to everyone I know.




Angela Killpack
  • Feb 8 2014
Those boys are adorable! They look very smiley and healthy, even though momma does look exhausted. You guys did a good job!

Angela |
  • Feb 20 2014
How adorable! I love reading about all the great stories and seeing all the pictures of the cute babies. My sister is pregnant and will soon be looking for an obstetrician in Brisbane. Do any of you have suggestions of what to consider when looking for one?