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Late Transfer – Birth Story

Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth,

I have been meaning to write this blog for 4 months now – but as it turns out, a newborn baby has prevented me from having much free time! I can’t help but be so grateful to Village Obstetrics for bringing my baby into this world safely and with so much kindness and care.

Having come to your practice at 20 weeks along, and leaving behind a very overcrowded and impersonal practice, we knew we were in good hands. I’m not sure we realized just how good. Entering this pregnancy, I could have never imagined all the little steps it would take to meet our little man. I felt pretty good and healthy during the pregnancy, thinking little of any potential complications.

Just before the beginning of my 38th week, I began to feel strange. I was having a difficult time breathing like there were bricks on my chest. The feeling didn’t subside throughout the night. I decided to send a quick email – at 3 am. You both have always been so quick to respond, and since it turned out you were going to a conference and up early, we got a response at 4 am. Before I knew it, we were on the phone with you. Neither of you seemed too worried but wanted to be safe, so I went into the office to get a quick check and blood work later that morning. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, but it came down a bit. I went home to rest and was starting to feel better.

The next day I got a phone call from Dr. Mussalli. I was feeling even better, so assumed it was good news. You spoke in a very calm voice and asked me to meet you and Dr. Worth at the hospital to run a few more tests. We rushed (even though you said not to) to the hospital. After checking in, getting blood drawn, and my blood pressure taken, you both walked in the door. We didn’t expect you to say that I was in the beginning stages of pre-eclampsia. We didn’t expect you to say that being induced was the safest option at this point. And we most certainly had not expected that we were not going home that night. You informed us that we were in a small window of time before my condition would most likely worsen. And that it was lucky we figured this out together. I should have been pretty scared of all of this, but both we fully trusted that you were telling us the best option for safe, vaginal delivery.

Fast forward through the next handful of hours – I was induced around midnight, and Dr. Worth delivered our baby boy at 1:21 pm the next day. It was not the easiest night, knowing that I could have required medications to lower my blood pressure, hoping the induction went smoothly on the way to vaginal delivery. And ultimately finding out I had lost a lot of blood during delivery. But the one thing that never wavered was our faith that we were in the best hands possible.

Looking back, I realize how many things could have gone so very wrong. The open communication you both have enabled us to figure out that my shortness of breath wasn’t just because there was a growing baby inside me. In the practice we were at before coming to Village OB, I would have never called or even had the option to email. And I feel certain my condition would have progressed and my delivery would have been quite complicated. We are confident that without your care, I would have a considerably more difficult delivery possibly including a Cesarean Section, magnesium treatment, and/or a blood transfusion. The care you give your patients and the way you run your practice made all the difference.

I wish we had the words to describe how deeply grateful we are to the whole team at Village OB. We knew that we were safe in your hands and that our baby was being taken care of. At first, the thought of moving practices halfway through the pregnancy seemed awful and now I know it was the best thing that could have happened. You are both extraordinary doctors in every sense of the word. It is rare to meet people who not only love what they do, but are gifted. It was truly a wonderful experience.

I wanted to share my birth story because it taught me so much about communication, excellent doctors, and learning that things don’t always go as planned. We think of you both often.

Sincerely, N. & D.