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Late Transfer – Excellent Experience

Thank you, Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli. 

Our experience with Village Obstetrics and St. Vincent’s was excellent. We switched from a large academic medical center to Dr. Worth and St. Vincent ’s very late in pregnancy (35 weeks). My husband and I were looking for a small practice, close to our home that would be more open to natural child birth. Based on the advice of our Doula, Catherine at Labor of Love Childbirth Services, we contacted Dr. Worth for a late transfer. Dr. Worth met with us right away, attentively listened to our goals, and answered all our questions. Dr. Mussalli gave us a personal tour of the L&D floor. It was such a huge relief since we’d been ambivalent about our original OB practice and hospital for months.

We are so thankful for that we were able to switch! Dr.’s Worth and Mussalli were wonderful, patiently letting us make decisions about our birth and giving us the time we needed to deliver our daughter. Although the labor was very long, we were able to make the right decisions for us. In addition, we were allowed to hold our daughter right away, delay new born procedures until after she nursed for the first time, and then transfer with her to our room – all of which were very important to my husband and me. A huge thanks to a wonderful practice!

Thanks! Best of luck.

E and J