leannah chloe

  • On February 10, 2009

Hope all is good with you and Dr. Mussalli,

I’ve been meaning to email you but I’ve been kept busy with my three beautiful daughters. I just would like to say thank you very much for delievering my daughter Leannah and my great experience at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Thank you Dr. Worth very much for all your help and support through my pregnancy. This was my third child. It was a great labor. You gave me the best of care and comfort throughout my labor. I could not ask for a better doctor. I have to say the midwife and all the staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital were so nice and wonderful to us all through our stay.

I am very greatful for meeting Dr. Mussalli. He is a wonderful and caring doctor and he made us feel very welcome at St. Vincent’s Hospital. You both are terrific.

We were very happy with the delievery of our daughter Leannah. You are such a wonderful doctor and you are so calm during delievery. It makes me feel so good knowing I’m in great hands when I’m ready to push. You make it so easy and comforting for me and in a very short labor time my beautiful baby was born. It’s just such a wonderful moment and a great experience.

Thank you so much, D & K