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Letter from One of Our Babies

Dear Dr. Worth, Dr. Mussalli, Brooke, Barri, Leanne and Lourdes,

I want to thank you for help delivering me into this wonderful world. Mom and Dad have told me how special you all are and how much support and compassion you have provided during the entire pregnancy process. There have been some significant hurdles (emotional hurdles) and without your gentle support, kind words, and professionalism the journey would have been much harder. Yesterday was a momentous occasion as we went to see the pediatric neurologist. The neurologist gave me a clean bill of health. He reviewed the MRI scans done by St. Vincent’s and came to the same conclusion as the diagnostician at St. Vincent’s. I am within normal parameters. Dr. W from the NICU even called yesterday to let Mom and Dad know the genetic testing was normal as well. I know it is difficult for Mom to express just how grateful she is to the entire staff of Vilage Obstetrics, especially to Brooke who helped her through labor and Dr. Worth who delivered me, so I’ll say it for her. THANK YOU! D


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