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“Let’s Make it Work” Attitude

Dear Dr. Worth,

It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to you and Village Obstetrics for helping me to achieve a wonderful natural birth experience.

Coming from a different medical system in Australia and seeing the high rates of interventions in NYC hospitals, I knew it would be an uphill battle to go “natural.” I was so happy to have found Village Obstetrics! Your doula suggestion was awesome and you really “walked the walk” on minimally invasive obstetrics. In your dealings with me, you recognized my intelligence and my determination and responded with a calm patient style, medical facts, and a “let’s make it work” attitude.

I truly believe that had I had another doctor, I would not have achieved the natural birth that you ensured I had. I am so incredibly grateful to you! With your skill, you helped our gorgeous, healthy son, Leo, come into the world in the empowered way his mom wanted. As you may remember, Leo had top Apgar scores and immediately breastfed. I’m also proud to report that ever since he has gained weight like a champ! So thank you for helping him have the best start possible!

I have also felt physically very good and emotionally amazed and appreciative of my birth experience. I felt in control and respected throughout the labor and delivery process, which was something I was hoping for but wasn’t sure it was available in a hospital setting.

Thank you for making something I feared into something so empowering! I’m only sad I won’t see you regularly anymore!

Forever thankful,


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