Manhattan Maternity Project — Birth Reimagined

Dr. Jaqueline Worth and Dr. George Mussalli co-founded Manhattan Maternity in 2019, with an ambitious goal- to redesign labor and delivery process in New York City.

Central themes in this redesign include:

  1. Designing a serene, comfortable and functional out of hospital birthing space
  2. Developing clinical protocols that both utilize the latest evidence-based principles and maintain high quality individualized treatment options
  3. Establishing clinical partnerships to provide robust safety and quality programs for out of hospital birth 
  4. Incorporating technological solutions to make birth safer, more private and intimate while reducing healthcare costs 
  5. Identifying family, doulas, educators, and other birth workers as essential components in best birth experiences

The Fetal Medicine Foundation of America (FMFA) will be studying and monitoring the effects of Manhattan Maternity’s pioneering model of creating a more patient-centric, less sterile, and compassionate environment for women to safely have their babies. The FMFA has previously published papers on such analyses with relationship to high risk care. Here, we focus on the majority of women who are not high risk, want a “better environment” to have their babies, but want to make sure it is done in a safe and caring center.

Dr. Worth spoke with Every Mother CEO Allison Rapaport about the best ways to stay safe while pregnant and delivering during this time.