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Photographing Mom’s View of Birth

As a photographer, I decided that I would take pictures of the birth of my baby. As I had decided that my husband would not be present, my friend Patty would be. She has been a nurse at St Vincent in the birthing department for over 20 years. I thought that there wouldn’t be a better coach. So it was her, me, and a team of nurses and doctors just as I wanted.

I also didn’t want to film or photograph myself or the baby coming out. I believe those memories are better kept in my head rather than with a not-so-nice visual. But I did want to show the point of view of the future mom. There is no picture of Dr. Mussalli, who was there for most of it, but every time he came in, the contractions would stop. So it became a woman’s story. Here are some photos I took. Keep in mind that between the drugs and the pain, my head was not always focusing on the technical side. I will change that if I do it again.

I want to thank everyone involved, it was a wonderful experience. If you give birth at St Vincent, I hope you get my team. GP


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