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Mono-Di Twins Birth Story

Dr. Worth and Mussalli,  

I wanted to pass along a big thank you to your team for taking care of me at the beginning of this Mono-Di twin pregnancy.  It ended up being VERY smooth as twin pregnancies can go, no complications whatsoever. I carried them to almost 39 weeks, did a slow augmentation with Pit (not exceeding 12 milunits) and then the Doc broke baby A’s water. Active labor immediately followed for the next 4 or so hours.  It was an absolutely beautiful birth, I feel so fortunate.  Both babies were head down at 37 weeks and Baby B flipped to breech at 38 weeks. The doc delivered A and flipped B with external version, he descended with contractions and presented head first, arriving safely 30+ mins.later. I feel so fortunate to have been in such amazing hands.  My entire team of people was supportive of a natural vaginal birth.  I also chose not to do the epidural catheter and run the risk of general anesthesia should a c section happen. My doc didn’t think there was a high likelihood. Also, I thought I would send my doula’s recollection of the birth because it captures the essence of the experience well. Hope that you are all doing well.  

“With great joy I welcome a new member to the group, though we may not see her very often since her stork brought two, instead of one!  Last Wednesday, E, a past travelor through birth, delivered her two identical twin boys surrounded by the loving arms of her husband and in the presence of one of the most amazing obstetricians I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a room with.  Rastafarian tunes bathed the room well as calm, positive, connected support from everyone in the OR (nurses, doc, tec, resident) (Twins are routinely delivered in the OR, just in case).  But you would never have guessed us to be in the OR.  Mom labored on her own, making the amazon sounds that you all know so well.  She walked (once 10cm dilatd) to the OR on her OB’s suggestion to naturally bring babies down.  Everything about the birth was empowering – the couple, the mom’s steely determination, the complete confidence of the OB in the birth process, the supportive, kind, encouraging, energy of the nurses…. all of it.  I am so fortunate to be able to share what I experienced.  Good to know that that’s out there.”


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