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Most Dedicated Providers I’ve Met

Dear Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli,

Thank you for taking me under your wing and spending countless hours teaching and allowing me to observe how you practice. I have been blown away by your generosity and kindness over the past several weeks. It is said that a person’s time is the most precious gift, and you have given me more of yours than would ever be expected.

Dr. Mussalli, I will always remember your vibrant stories, thoughtful humor, and the many napkin diagrams and intricate explanations that have profoundly expanded my knowledge of both Maternal and Fetal health.

Dr. Worth, you carry yourself with such poise and your ability to approach difficult conversations with a graceful candor and compassion is a true gift. Your knowledge and instincts around obstetrics are immeasurable and I have learned so much from you. 

Between my previous jobs and grad school, I have interacted with hundreds of doctors over the past decade. Undoubtedly, you are both the hardest working and most dedicated providers I have met. Your compassion is palpable and your patience unparalleled. You have exposed me to a level of care that I didn’t realize was possible in medicine.

Someone recently shared a quote with me that I feel embodies your work:

“The true meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

I look forward to watching the Manhattan Maternity project come to life over the coming months I will be rooting you on and I am committed to becoming an evangelist for this groundbreaking work.

Thank you again for everything. It is my hope that I can someday pay forward what you both have given me over the past several weeks. I have immense gratitude for you and please do not hesitate to let me know if there are opportunities for me to be a contributor to your practice in any way. 

PS. I hope you will enjoy the Golden Ox as a symbol of my thanks. Here’s to hoping it brings good fortune and health in 2021!


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