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Thankful Late-Transfer

I am so grateful that my husband and I found Village Obstetrics, Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli in time for the birth of our beautiful son.

Throughout my pregnancy, my husband and I came to appreciate the importance to us of having as natural a birth as possible. As we neared my due date we realized that although we had educated ourselves and had a vision for the birth we wanted, the obstetrical practice we were with was unwilling to discuss their positions with us on important topics relating to how our birth would unfold.

At 37 weeks we were introduced to Village Obstetrics and Dr. Worth. We met with Dr. Worth and it was immediately clear that she was someone who would listen to us and support us in the way that we needed and we took the unusual leap of faith and changed practices at the 11th hour. When I did go into labor just a little more than a week later both Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli demonstrated their patience and willingness to work with us to bring our vision to life.

My labor turned out to be a very long one and Dr. Worth advised us throughout as to our options and we knew when she suggested an intervention it was not because she was trying to rush us. We found that we trusted her and are certain that our birth experience could have gone another direction if it had not been for Dr. Worth’s patience, calm, and commitment to helping us have the birth we wanted.

Dr. Mussalli was also present during parts of my labor and he too was an incredibly kind and warm presence. Thank you both for delivering our beautiful, little son safely into this world. We are forever grateful.


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