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Non-Invasive, Non-Hurried Natural Birth

If you are interested in a non-invasive, non-hurried, natural birthing experience, you would do yourself a major disservice if you didn’t consider Village Obstetrics. My doula and a colleague each independently recommended Village Obstetrics after I expressed my dissatisfaction with my previous practice.

In my 8th month of pregnancy, I transferred to Drs. Worth and Musalli. From the first visit, I was warmly welcomed, made to feel like I had been with them all along. They were keenly interested in me as a person and a patient, established an excellent rapport with my husband, and (even though I was about to have a large ~10 lb baby) never doubted that I would have a vaginal, uncomplicated birth. (Unlike my previous practice, who made it a regular habit of reminding me that C-section was likely.) These doctors pride themselves on their absolute mastery of the dying art of vaginal delivery. The office has midwives who are not just a “touch-base” for new patients but are empowered as real medical partners and relied upon to give their patients the nurturing and attention they desire from a medical practice. Dr. Musalli is one of the few nationally renowned prenatal specialists who still WANTS to treat patients and deliver babies. Dr. Worth is absolutely an experienced, progressive professional in her own right.

Dr. Worth delivered my baby (as my husband says, with “ninja hands”—needed to pass a HUGE baby through my birth canal). Dr. Musalli was attentive and concerned about my care throughout the pregnancy and visited me frequently during my long birthing experience. This practice is dead serious when they promote “unhurried labor” — I labored for two days (from induction) and had an incredible birthing experience at the hospital with these doctors and their staff. They worked seamlessly with my doula. If these doctors use inducing medication (Cervidil, Pitocin) and other meds (epidural) at all, it is as a tool for achieving a successful vaginal delivery. As anyone who’s given birth here in NYC knows, this is extremely rare and progressive.

I hope to be lucky enough to repeat my experience with them with my 2nd child.


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