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Dr. Jaqueline Worth Co-Wrote The New Rules of Pregnancy Book!

A calming pregnancy book that cuts through the noise to tell expectant mothers exactly what they need to know—and what they can stop obsessing about and over-researching.

Dr. Jaqueline Worth Co-Wrote The New Rules of Pregnancy, a comprehensive guidebook that offers expectant mothers practical and actionable advice on all aspects of pregnancy. Written in an easy-to-understand and compassionate tone, this book is designed to cut through the noise and help women navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy with confidence. Unlike other pregnancy books that focus on the baby’s development, this book is all about the mother and how to support her during this transformative time.


Praise for The New Rules of Pregnancy Book

  • “A mindful, intelligent guide—supportive, concise, and full of actionable advice. This is the pregnancy book I would give to my daughter.”
            —Frank Lipman, MD
  • “A beautiful, comforting, and calming companion to any pregnancy. It’s the only pregnancy book I will ever recommend and (spoiler alert!) what I’ll be giving at every baby shower. This is the perfect How-to-Love-and-Support-Your-Already-Genius-and-Totally-Capable-Body-Through-Pregnancy guide.”
            —Téa Leoni
  • “This modern book on pregnancy brings us back to a place we never should have left—intuitive, noninvasive, common-sense care for mama and baby.”
            —Rebecca Minkoff
  • “The smart, supportive book that’ll help you stop the 3 a.m. Googling. . . . [U]nlike all those hours spent scrolling through mommy forums, this advice comes from a place of compassion and from actual experts.”


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