• On September 22, 2011

Dear Village OB,

Oliver is now three months old and every time I look at him I realize what a miracle he is. Thank you so much for being a part of that miracle. Please enjoy the homemade cookies baked by Oliver’s grandmother as a small token of our appreciation for all the hard work you do.

J and I cannot thank you enough for the high quality medial care you provided and the fact that you cared so much. During the entire journey everyone at Village OB was a pleasure to interact with. The friendly smiles of Lourdes and Leanne and the patience of Drs. Worth and Mussalli always made us feel welcome and comfortable. While in your care I always felt respected and an active participant in my care and for that I am truly grateful.

Even though the delivery did not go as planned (do they ever?) thanks to Dr. Worth’s skills I had the birth experience I had hoped for. With Oliver in the NICU all 3 of use were in our most fragile state and helped us get through a very emotional time. Seeing your faces in the NICU always brought comfort and J and I are so grateful for the support you provided in those days. We are happy to report that Oliver’s arm and neck are on their way to a full recovery and he weighs over 14 pounds.

I feel blessed to be one of your patients. Thank you for all your work and dedication.

C, J and Oliver