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Personalized Approach to Patient Care

Dear Drs. Mussalli and Worth,

It is not very often that we receive praise and gratitude for the work that we’ve done so passionately throughout our careers. Though the paths we have chosen may affect peoples lives in different ways, there is a sense of great pride when we have given someone a positive and memorable experience. All of the seven restaurants I have opened throughout Manhattan for various ownership, have been stamped with the motto; “Every Guest Feels Cared For”, which, I believe, is the true definition of Hospitality. Until recently, I have felt that it had been lost due to arrogance in the part of the business owner, the lack of training of their support staff or the sheer lack of concern for others.

The reason for this email is because I wanted to acknowledge your personalized approach to patient care. I think the real explanation of how we feel is that we never felt like patients at anytime and we really felt that you cared.

From the moment we walked into Village Obstetrics for our first appointment on September 29th, we were well received, well informed and given immediate guidance as to what tests we had to get right away. I think that this proactive approach may have saved us from serious medical issues with our daughter. At the very least, we found out critical information regarding the condition of our child and were hand held in making decisions that affected her life in a positive way. As the time goes on and she grows stronger, I am more and more thankful that we made that first appointment with you.

At the hospital, our nurse, Teresa, was the first to greet us in the recovery room when we arrived Thursday night. She made my wife’s experiences easier to handle and calmed the anxiety of the unknown that we were dealing with. Her approach mirrored your 12th street office in that she provided such great “care” for her patient: Absolutely informative, clearly proactive and passionately concerned with how we were doing. Her strength lasted through the night. When 7am approached, Theresa let us know she was leaving for the day. I was terrified that her replacement would be sub par.

Victoria introduced herself to me at around 7:15am, asked how my wife was, did her tests, then asked how I was. I soon realized that the spirit of Teresa lingered. Tori was just splendid. She made sure my wife was comfortable and also kept unnecessary interruptions from intruding on the precious sleep time we were lucky to fit in. Her wonderful nature lasted throughout the day up to the moment when my wife left for her C-section and even in the operating room directly after her procedure.

We’d also like to acknowledge Judy on the 9th floor, who helped my wife through the worst of her pain and prodded her to get up, move around and gain strength after her surgery.

Susan in NICU was also a great emotional help for us in the first few days of our daughters life. She calmed us down, showed us how to care, change, feed our baby and let us know what to expect for the future. If she didn’t hold our hands as she did, I don’t think we would have been very well prepared to take home baby.

Please also thank all the doctors and nurses who’s names have escaped us but were integral in providing us with exceptional care.

Thank you so much for making this a remarkably memorable experience for us. Though it had its rough patches, they inevitable smoothed out with deliberately careful and courteous care.

Kind regards,

R, A and baby