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Wow! It has been four months already. We thought it would be a great opportunity to see how we are doing and talk about the principles guiding our success at Village Obstetrics.

Our philosophy is simple, we respect and enjoy our patients. We feel privileged every day (and often every night!) to practice medicine. Our skills honed over years of experience and thousands of deliveries are what we offer with a smile and calm confidence. We care and it shows!

We are proud of our results. Our mothers and babies are healthy. Our partners and dads are delighted. We have helped many achieve the birth they wanted. We don’t do unnecessary cesareans or routine episiotomies. We rarely induce labor. We always offer VBAC whenever it’s appropriate and our versions to turn breech babies are remarkably successful.

Dr. George Mussalli & Dr. Jaqueline Worth


VOb by the Numbers, 2/27/09:

Vaginal delivery rate: 96%

C-section rate 4% (non-elective)

Elective/repeat c-section rate 15%

Induction rate 2%

Version success rate 78%

VBAC success rate 100%

Routine Episiotomy rate 0%