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Minimally Invasive Obstetrics

Dedicated to Low and High-Risk Obstetrics

Minimally Invasive Obstetrics means doing the least necessary intervention to achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth. Sometimes no intervention is needed, and at other times quite a bit is required, but our approach is always gentle and respectful. Our philosophy of care has yielded outstanding results and high patient satisfaction.


We aim to assist women and their partners in achieving safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. We recognize that women should not have to choose between a safe delivery and a beautiful experience. The philosophy of Village Obstetrics™ is one of deep respect for the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Yet as expert doctors, we recognize the need for carefully selected treatments at times.

Pregnancy Only

Joyful & Unhurried

Caring & Expert

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Natural Birth

Our Obstetricians are experts at vaginal birth both with and without an epidural.

Gentle Cesarean

Gentle cesarean is our standard technique for all cases except urgent emergencies.​


If you had a cesarean and want vaginal delivery for your second birth, we can guide you.​


Founded in 2008

We wanted to do it better, so we started from scratch.

We noticed some large group practices where patients felt misunderstood and rushed. Questions were left unanswered. Doctors were not available quickly. It’s not the obstetrician’s fault. However, patients can feel lost, even when they are getting excellent care. When you are pregnant, especially for the first time, every question matters. You don’t always know what is dangerous and what is ok. We created a new kind of practice to improve pregnancy care.



We strive to balance the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of unhurried care. We are aware of the uniqueness of each patient and family. We acknowledge your autonomy as the most important principle and strive for honest communication as the best way to build mutual trust. We recognize the physical, psychological, social, and even economic impact pregnancy can have on our patients. 

The guiding posts of our practice are respect, quality and safety.

We are thrilled and honored to be your doctors and are proud of our unyielding commitment to outstanding medicine and compassionate care.​


Ensuring your health and safety is our doctors' sacred duty and 24/7 endeavor.​

There is nothing more important than keeping you and your family safe. Creating a safe environment for the growth and development of the next generation is one of your main tasks as parents. Safety is our mutual responsibility.

How We Keep You Safe

Open House Event

We host an in-office Open House every other Tuesday from 5:30–6:30 pm, so you can become familiar with our practice and ask questions. Register below for the date of your choice. We look forward to meeting you!